Sort of a trivial step in the process but finally got around to getting Ava (our fifth wheel) officially titled in Colorado in our names!  I strolled the few block downtown to the DMV and was pleasantly surprised that there were exactly zero persons in front of me in line!  Armed with the bill of sale, the title from the seller and a completed VIN verification form I walked out with a license plate, registration, title (actually this will get mailed to my house later), and my bank account further diminished.  I should mention that my first attempt to do this was thwarted by the lack of the VIN verification form.  When a vehicle (or at least a trailer) was previously titled out of state you have to have a qualified person do a VIN verification….that is, they verify that the VIN on the vehicle matches that on the title.  In Colorado this can be done at emissions testing stations or by a dealership.  I used the latter and was able to get them to go to the trailer instead of taking the trailer to them.

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