Stay tuned for TV news

Nope….again, not that kind of TV.  I’m talking about the news on the tow vehicle!  Its been rainy and dreary here in CO and that coupled with my random decision to give up caffeine for a bit has left me sort of in the dumps.  I felt completely paralyzed with what to do about trip preparation….and we’re only 10 weeks (or so ) out!!  Aaaaaahhhhhhhh!

My search for a truck so far has led me to believe you can only find DRW trucks in CO….the SRW’s are at least a state away.  I found one in KS and another in UT recently.  Essentially the same truck and price.  Getting the one in Salt Lake was an easy (and cheap….$59 one way) flight but KS what a bit trickier.  I debated….I thought….I dawdled….I pinched my pennies like those souvenir penny smashers….I drug my feet.  When I got home from church last night I did a quick search and found an even BETTER deal than I have found to date!!  My good buddy Scott Middleton at Insight Automotive is assisting me in checking it out and quite possibly buying it for us!!

So….stay tuned for more TV news!

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