I’m curious to know how I got good grades in history. I know I atleast got B’s. I do remember feeling like all these dates and places and battles were swirling around in my head and didn’t really make sense. I think I compartamentalized each chapter we needed to learn about for the test. I like to see the big picture and I don’t think that ever happened for me with history.

So this trip has been great. Although still a little hard to keep straight since we’re still learning/visiting/seeing the sites of so many wars and battles. American Revolution, Civil War, War of 1812, Yorktown, WWI, WWII. There has even been stuff about the Vietnam and Korean Wars. Whew. In some cases it’s still felt a little text book and a little intellectual, but there have been rangers, volunteers, movies, and exhibits that have really personalized the war or battle, the person, and their struggles.

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Three mistakes in Caledonia

I did not have it on my mental itinerary to go to Gettysburg but Dacen wanted to go and we needed to buy a little time before some other reservations we have in a few days.  So we packed up home and headed for Pennsylvania.  Google took us a crazy, windy way that might have saved time for a passenger car but not for our big rig.  We finally arrived at the Caledonia State Park campground where we did not have reservations but there were 2 sites available on line that would fit our rig.  So we go in to the office to check in and get the most unfriendly welcome we have ever received.  It wasn’t that he was rude or anything…but I’m pretty sure he hated his job.  Anyway we got checked in and went on in to find our spot.  This site did not have water hookup so we had to fill up the fresh water tank at the community spigot and this is where we made mistake number 1.

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