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A year or so ago I came across a PBS show called A Chef’s Life and found myself enjoying it quite a bit.  I liked the story, I like the farm to table concept and I like Chef Vivian’s involvement with the community.  Kinston NC sounded like a pleasant place to live.  Totally unrelated I was reading a blog from a full time traveling family (honestly don’t remember which) and saw that they stayed in Kinston, NC.  I put two and two together, added twelve and carried the five and realized that maybe we could stop through Kinston during our trip!
Date night
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Earth Day And Neuseway Park

We had a busy earth day!! (Yes it was a couple days ago but the festivities were today). A local club had a kids fishing day at the pond next to us. I was left holding the worms, so I decided to go pick up trash (sadly there was a LOT).

– Dacen held a dead water moccasin/cotton mouth. Luckily I’m not afraid of snakes because that boy is a little obsessed. We learned a lot about snakes from the teens who killed it. We later found out even though the snake DID have the diamond shaped head and other appropriate markings, it was another very similar looking snake. So, Dacen STILL wants to hold a cotton mouth. Sigh.

– Caden rescued a turtle who was trying to cross the road. There’s a joke there I’m sure!

– Brielle rescued an injured or stunned toad. Sadly it was camera shy and hopped out of her hands before we could take the picture.

Snake  Caden's turtle rescue  Marsh

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