Grandma spoiled us!  So did Aunt Sara and Uncle Mike.  Grandma met us at a Cracker Barrel on our way to Chester New Hampshire and treated us to lunch.  Then we followed her along the twisty, windy roads to Aunt Sara and Uncle Mike’s house where we were going to try to driveway surf.  The driveway was long but mostly straight so I was able to get Ava in a good spot to spend the weekend.  First order of business though was to fix Ava’s leg which wasn’t too hard but took longer than I’d hoped.
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Ava has been limping along with her one good leg and a temporary stump leg after her right leg broke.  It has actually worked out fine but takes more time.  Her replacement leg arrived at the UPS store near our campground at Wompatuk State Park and we barely arrived in time to pick it up before they closed.

The part came with zero instructions so all I had to study was the video from loveyourrv.com.  The confusing part was how the motor attaches to the leg.
New leg

I decided I’d just have to dig in to figure it out as I go.  To do the work I needed the weight off the landing gear and so the Beast would be tasked with holding up Ava during the surgery.  We were heading to Steph’s aunt and uncle’s house to hopefully driveway surf so I figured that would be a good time to do the work; right after arrival at their house.  This way we could use their house while Ava was in the OR.

We arrived and I actually impressed myself backing into their 100 yard long driveway and placing the rig in its resting spot with only a minor adjustment at the end.

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