The home stretch

We got up and around early again and were on the road at 8:38am for our last leg of this adventure.  If all went well we would be home about 3:00.  We took a fuel and restroom break in Rawlins then stopped for lunch at the Colorado border.

After lunch we were still on target for a 3:00 arrival but arrived 8 minutes after due to Google taking us on some dirt road north of Fort Collins and some of the most ridiculous and crazy traffic we had on our entire trip.  I had one pretty scary moment where I had to lay on the brakes but thanks to the big honkin’ brakes on the Beast, its exhaust brakes and awesome brake controller he shut down Ava like it was a little utility trailer!!

We got the rig unpacked and the washer and dryer got a major workout after their month long rest.  I was welcomed home by a stack of mail….mostly junk, a few bills and a couple of checks!  I was also welcomed home by weeds that have taken over many parts of the yard….yikes.
Weeds in the bricks

We treated ourselves to some Balckjack Pizzas for dinner, we sucked up tons of blazing fast, unlimited wifi, used glass fulls of ice for all our beverages, tried flushing regular toilets with a foot lever and generally got lost in all the square footage that this home has!!  It felt good to be done with long drive days.  It felt good to be home.

Here are a few final pictures of our journey.

We're back!


Rest stop in CO

Stack of mail (out of focus sorry)

Tall weed

Weeds in the garden

Weeds by the stairs

Weeds in the bricks


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