New Tradition

It is Father’s Day today and I realized something.  We are currently traveling and are at the headwaters of the Missouri river, a key location in Lewis and Clark’s expedition.  Last year at this exact time we were at the Gateway Arch in St. Louis which is a memorial for those who made possible the western expansion of the United States including Lewis and Clark!  So, it seems as though our new family tradition is to spend each Father’s Day doing something related to Lewis and Clark.  Ok, maybe that’s a silly tradition, but I think its pretty interesting how we ended up on Meriwether and Williams’ path 2 Father’s Days in a row.

We decided to just enjoy a lazy day around the campground.  To start the day off Steph made a traditional breakfast then the kids showered me with gifts.  Brielle had made this great little popsicle stick ladder where each rung contained a very nice compliment.  Caden drew me a picture of the rig as Beauty and the Beast and Dacen composed a song called There’s a Song About Everything (the kids think it is hilarious that Steph and I can usually find a song about whatever our topic is).

We went to the playground to climb, dig holes and throw the frisbee.  Back at the camper we played several rounds of Bananagrams, Codenames  and a couple lousy rounds of Insider.  We tried using Codenames cards for Insider but realized this was a bad idea as Codename words have multiple meanings by design and this turns out to be bad for the game Insider (but we still had fun).  Brielle ran the Wach family lottery (she created this out of the blue back at Devil’s Tower) but I did not win this time…Dacen and Caden took the prizes today.

Steph and I planned out a bit more of our trip and Steph made one of my favorite meals:  hamburgers, baked beans, coleslaw and potato salad.  Maybe it’s the eastern European in me, but I really like coleslaw.  And it’s a good food to like because its relatively healthy (we make our own so we can keep it pretty healthy) and it is cheap.  So it bugs the heck out of me that at restaurants they give you that little shot glass of coleslaw.  REALLY?!  Come on, gimme a big bowl full of the stuff!  Anyway, Steph made a LOT of it so I could have as much as I want.  And I add my own little secret sauce to give it a kick:  a liberal squirt of Sriracha!  We washed it all down with a little root beer.  For dessert we had Nutter Butters (my favorite store bought cookie) and settled in to watch the movie Shrek together.

It was a wonderful day.

From Brielle

From Dacen

From Caden

Teeter totter





Ready for Pearl St.



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