Devil’s Tower

Devil’s Tower came very highly rated by my sister and her family and since it was on our way we decided to stop over for a day.  And boy am I glad we did.  Again, I was expecting Wyoming to be flat, brown and desolate and Devil’s Tower to be a mass of rock in the middle of the barren wasteland.  But I couldn’t have been more wrong.  It was hilly and beautiful and green.  We pulled in to Devil’s Tower View campground a little after lunch and filled our bellies before we headed off to the tower.  It was just 5-10 minutes down the road from our campground.  We got in for free with our annual park pass and went straight to the visitor’s center to get Jr Ranger booklets, get passport stamps and buy a postcards for the kids’ collections.

We set out on the trail that goes all the way around the tower.  I had anticipated this being in the blazing sun but there is significant pine forests around the base of the tower which made for very enjoyable temperatures in the shade.  This rock tower is just amazing to look at.  It is so different from all the other hills and mountains.  We had a lot of fun strolling along, admiring the tower from all sides and checking out the wildlife including a bull snake Steph found!  By the time we’d gone all the way around the tower Brielle and Dacen had completed their Jr Ranger books and went in to get their badges.  To our surprise, they not only got a badge but also a patch!  The patches are so cool and these, we were told, had been donated to the park.  A big thank you to the donor whoever you are!

Back at the rig I asked if anyone wanted ice cream.  Silly question.  We went to the campground cafe where we got some overpriced but really good ice cream treats that we enjoyed in the little outdoor pavilion they had overlooking a canyon behind the property.  There weren’t any other campers till later in the evening so I let Sheba be outside with me without a leash.  She really enjoyed the freedom and did a really good job of staying close by.  I cooked dinner outside as the weather could not have been more perfect: warm with a slight breeze, no bugs and a million dollar view!

My co-pilot


Lookin cool

Kiddos at the tower

My favorite lady

Little Ansel

Me and Caden

Panorama over the valley

The fam at the tower

Jr Ranger work


Shady rest



The dudes

Working on Jr Ranger stuff


Jr Rangers




Road to Devil's Tower

Barbed wire fence

Site 5


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