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People and food used to be very similar. We went to Ellis Island and Liberty Island in NYC! There we saw where The Statue of Liberty stands and where immigrants entered the US.
From the ferry
Order of events (if you were an immigrant):

  1. You get harvested. You hear that there’s another country called America, across the blue and you want to move there because you want to escape from war, persecution, or to escape to safety, more money, or religion.
  2. You get shipped. You probably sailed over in the steerage class because it’s the cheapest.
  3. You get processed. They check for any diseases or extraordinary features.
  4. You get shipped again. You bought a train ticket to your new home depending on culture and jobs normally. That’s where my idea kinda…um…uh…well…ended. 🙁 Ooooor I guess, your dream could be to get eaten if you had a disease or extraordinary feature and you had to be shipped back to your home country.

Dude Liberty
Liberty Island was originally used to hold a fort from the War of 1812. The Statue of Liberty was given to America for America’s 100th B-Day. She was designed by Auguste Bartholdi with help from Gustave Eiffel who later went on to build the Eiffel Tower. The Americans thought she needed something to stand on so Richard Morris Hunt collected some money and built a star shaped pedestal for Lady Liberty.

Ava's peg leg

Liberty Harbor RV Park(inglot)

Our campground

Here we go


Waiting for the train

Light rail to the ferry

Walking to the ferry

Abandoned train station

Ellis Island in the background

Ferry to Ellis Island





In the grand hall

Jr Rangers



Ellis Island grand hall

Manhattan sky line

Its a beautiful sight

Arrival at Liberty Island

From the ferry

Wachs at Lady Liberty

Lady Liberty pose

Dude Liberty

Ferry ride to Manhattan



Cool earth art display

NY Pretzles

Downtown Manhattan

Jersey City sky line

Taking a rest


WTC Memorial

Church yard by WTC

Subway escalator

The subway ride home


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