I Like Ike

We visited Dwight David “Ike” Eisenhower’s farm in Gettysburg PA. He liked this house because he was so interested in the military and it was a good deal ($42,000 for the house, pastures, barn, some cows, and some chickens).  I was happy we were visiting because President Eisenhower is my favorite president.

First of all you have to know what he did that was great for the community.

  • General Ike was a 5 star general during WWII.
  • President Eisenhower ended the Korean War. And received a present…a coffee table!
  • President Eisenhower  signed the bill for federal highways.
  • Cut taxes and raised defense spending. Whoo hoo!
  • Kept America at peace during the Cold War.
  • Ike started the Secret Service.

Ike liked to do lots of different things. Here are some of his hobbies.

  • Ike loved to play games. Poker was one of his favorites. He bought Mamie (his wife) a whole set of silver dishes and silverware. One time he even bought Mamie a new car!
  • Ike also loved golf. He even had a putting practice green!
  • He was very fond of cooking. (like me!) He thought he was really good at cooking… And he was!
  • Like me, Ike loooooved art. He has paintings hanging all over the house signed: DE or DDE.
  • Ike also liked farming.


Better known as Mamie’s Museum, the Eisenhower’s living room was hardly ever used. lots of things in the living room are gifts. The only things the Eisenhowers bought themselves was stuff the average person has. The Eisenhower’s grandchildren called it Mamie’s Museum because it has so many curios. Mamie was especially fond of birds. The majority of the curios were birds. A few were even from Queen Elizabeth herself! Ike would always start the tours of his house by talking about some of his gifts. His favorite was probably the table he got from Korea’s prime minister.


I would love to eat dinner with Dwight. Who wouldn’t? Eating with someone famous like my favorite president would be awesome! Ike ate very differently. Ike always ate in front of the TV. That would be fun. He very rarely actually ate in the dining room at his very fancy table. Those rare times were when famous people visited. Ike loved Dutch food. Ike’s Favorite foods are: Vegetables: Onions and Garlic. Entrees:  Beef Stew and Rare Steak.  Soup: Oxtail Soup (military dish) and Cream of Artichoke Soup (Kansas favorite).  Desserts: Prune Whip, Cookies, and Apple Pie.


Dwight was MAXIMUM security. SHHHH! Don’t tell anybody. He had TVs monitoring several places around the Eisenhower’s property. There were also huge spotlights illuminating the fields at night. If you get caught, Eisenhower will be eating in front of you! His secret agents had portable lights to help Ike when his pilot landed the helicopter. Make one bad move and you’re outta there! You’ll be hauled off to prison. So think before every action you make.

— Dacen

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