Seeing more friends

We are horrible guests while on this trip.  We don’t make plans very far in advance which means we don’t give people very much notice when we are coming into visiting range.  From South Carolina we headed to Fayetteville North Carolina to visit our friends the Staats.  They are stationed at Fort Bragg and were able to get us a spot at Smith Lake campground for our stay despite the short notice.
Smith Lake

I stayed back at the rig to get some work done including filling the beast with DEF since the indicator was telling me I had about 300 miles left.  Both Caden and Dacen knew the Staats boys from when they lived in Longmont.  They spent all afternoon and evening together including dinner and some epic dessert that I only heard about.

The next day we were heading to Kinston but were also able to set up some time to meet up with our friends Calvin and Melody who are both in grad school at University of North Carolina.  So after setting up home in Kinston we hustled off to Raleigh.  I’ve known Calvin since he was just a young lad and we were able to celebrate his marriage to Melody this summer in a beautiful ceremony in Rocky Mountain National Park.  We met them at Videri Chocolate in Raleigh just a few blocks from the capital.  We took the self guided tour, learned all about fine chocolate, tried some samples, drank sipping chocolate and bought some bars.  Then we went across the street and enjoyed dinner together.  It was so nice to see them and hear about school and married life.  They are quite an inspiration as they are battling some medical issues while pursuing their grad degrees, adjusting to a new home and married life.

After dinner we said goodbye and went up to check out the capital building since we were so close.  We took a few pictures and just enjoyed the nice evening weather before making the haul back to Kinston.  I was able to work in the passenger seat while Steph did the driving.  It was a long day but so nice to be able to see some familiar faces.

Smith Lake


Dacen and Henry


Bean counting or sorting

Chocolate will be in heaven

Sipping chocolate


Videri with Calvin and Melody

Videri with Calvin and Melody

Presbyterian church

Confederate statue

Presidents from NC


Ladies of the Confederate



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  • April 26, 2016 at 7:08 pm

    Yummmmm that chocolate looks good! Henry looks like he belongs to the Wach family!


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