Flat space

As our Life on the Move series continues we take a look at a few flat spaces in our rig…the table, the desk and the floor.  Flat horizontal spaces always seem to accumulate things in a home whether it has wheels or not.  The difference in the trailer is that there is less supply of horizontal flat space but no less demand for it.

  • Table for 5.  Like in any other house the dining room table gets a lot of use.  Its used for computers, homework, art projects, puzzles, games and eating.  We only have 4 chairs so Steph got an ottoman with storage that is our fifth dining chair and, due to its low height, is given to the tallest person in the family.  Two of the chairs straddle the main floor and the slightly higher slideout floor so two people sit crooked.  The two people in the other chairs are trapped in their seat by the crooked sitters.  Our table in the trailer has a leaf which must be used for the 5 of us to be able to use it simultaneously.  Its a little cramped when we all have our plates of food, drinks, serving dishes and all but we love sharing a meal together.  Whenever we get the chance we like to eat outside where we have a lot more room.  
  • Home office.  I love my job and I love my office.  The former because its challenging work and the latter because its wherever I am.  All I need is my little computer and my hotspot.  I try to work outside when I can but sometimes its too hot, or too bright, or too wet so I move indoors.  I sometimes use the table or I work at the couch.  My official desk consists of opening my two dresser drawers and placing a piece of plywood on it as a desk….I sit on the bed.  I’ve worked at beaches, in parks, at libraries and in the truck.  There are times when I wish I had a designated desk to sit at that didn’t require me to move every time someone needs by.  But that is a VERY small price to pay for the freedom I have with my work.  God’s handiwork is all over the orchestration of my work situation over the years but the evidence is overwhelming over last couple years! 
  • Shoes.  We take our shoes off at the door just like at home.  But in the trailer there is just not any space at the door to store 5 pairs of shoes and 5 pairs of flipflops.  So there is usually a shoe smorgasbord in our entry way.  Even with so many choices it always seems like one kid can’t find a shoe.  There are some clever solutions out there like this one and if we were going full time I would probably invest the little bit of time to whip something together.  For now though I consider it part of our security system.  (Note: we have since found a better place for the broom which can be seen in the picture)

How many people live here?

2 thoughts on “Flat space

  • April 5, 2016 at 3:19 pm

    How about a hanging shoe rack that is installed in closets?

    • April 5, 2016 at 4:34 pm

      We have those but not near the door. We have considered cutting one into single columns and mounting on wall near the door. Or maybe we could cut one in half (2 columns) and hang a half on each of the cabinet doors by entrance. I know there is a better solution it’s just a matter of investing time in that or doing work and family time 🙂


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