Corpus Christi & Mustang Island

Brielle and I dropped the boys off at the USS Lexington. We stopped at the visitor’s center to get information. From there we kind of kept striking out. A couple of things like the Art Museum were closed since it was Monday.

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We headed over to the Heritage Center where there were 12 historic houses. The first one we walked into told us they were now all just used as offices and not really open to the public. So we walked around outside, read some of the signs and took a few pictures. After that we found a spot on the beach, parked and did some school work while we waited.


Next we drove to Mustang Island. The kids had so much fun in the water, even though it was windy and a little chilly.  I had hoped to see some more of the wildlife that has been so touted in all the literature. But the good news was: on a windy Monday you get the beach all to yourself! (see Huck’s post for more pics)


The ferry ride from Mustang Island at Port Anansas back to the Mainland was very fun and a new experience for all of us!


On the way home we decided to drive by the Old Tree we had heard about. Amazing!!! The Goose Island Big Oak is over 1,000 years old! It is a coastal live oak measuring at 11 feet in diameter, 35 feet circumference, 44 feet high and 89 feet across the crown. It has withstood countless hurricanes and many people climbing it I’m sure. Now it is surrounded by a fence and they ask you to take photos in the other trees nearby (which of course we did!).

IMG_20160208_181326140 IMG_20160208_182022352

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