He’s here

I find prearranged marriage a fascinating concept, one I have zero experience with personally.  But in a way, choosing the right mate for Ava has felt a teensy bit like that.  I mean, we can’t expect Ava to know how to chose a good counterpart.  Only we understand her needs and her limitations enough to make the right choice.  So it falls on us to to find just the right one for Ava and our family.  We found him in the hamlet of Sublette Kansas and just today, the day before Thanksgiving, I was able to meet Gimmy  for the first time.


He is now here in Colorado.  A young but experienced gent, strong and sturdy yet clean and welcoming.  Some of his senses are lacking though….it seems he needs a new NOx sensor.   My dealer buddy wants to change out the fluids and do a detail job so it will be a week or so before we finalize the sale.  And I need to get the B&W Companion before I introduce Gimmy to Ava and the two get hitched.

Note:  I have not yet ok’ed it with the family that we call him Gimmy so his name might change.

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