Dig in

While handyman Tim is working on putting the bathroom back together we get a knock on the door Wednesday morning that they are going to put in a new gas line to our house.  This means a lot of digging in our yard.  Being in old town means that the locations of water, sewer and gas lines are anything but logical so locating these is always pretty challenging.  But we conveniently have no toilet in the bathroom right now so the sewer locator guy was able to run his camera down from there.  I was really worried what that would look like but to my untrained eye the pipe looked to be in really good shape!  With that located along with water and original gas line an army of guys and equipment descended on our little yard to tear things up.


These guys are amazing.  They were able to dig a hole at the main and one by my meter and thread a pipe underground between the two holes.  Then they weld the new line right onto the gas main!!  While they were doing all of this we were getting gas from a tank on their truck.  So we took lots of hot showers, ran the clothes dryer and baked all day as we enjoyed free natural gas!  Just kidding.  The other purpose was to rebuild the gas meter which sat too close to the ground and did not have a proper shut off.


When they finished up they had put everything back the way it was….our sod, the raised garden bed, the hoop house, sprinklers, etc.  Its pretty incredible….you can hardly tell they were there.  We’ll see what happens when our renters turn on the sprinklers in the spring….but I have the gas guy’s phone number and he said he’ll fix it if its not right.


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